WEIO is one week away

FAIRBANKS, AK-I've been told is one of the biggest and most entertaining sports in events in Fairbanks. We are exactly one week away from the 2013 World Eskimo Indian Olympics or WEIO as its affectionately called. I'm excited to see some of these events in person like the ear pull and the blanket toss.

The first WEIO games were in 1961 and the tradition continues next Wednesday on July 17. On opening day there will be five events including the toe kick, knee jump, drop the bomb, one hand reach and race of the torch.

In the Alaskan High Kick you have to talk about Jaclyn Weston in the women's division and Elijah Cabinboy in the men's division. Both are world record holders and come in as defending champs in the high kick.

Look out for Dorothy O'Donnell of Fairbanks to defend her titles in the Race of the Torch and the blanket toss which looks exhilarating to say the least.

The opening ceremonies will be at 6 p.m. with the marching of the athletes, dance contestants and the Miss WEIO Queen contestants on the 17th.

WEIO runs from July 17-20 at the Carlson Center.