WEIO: Local competitors win ear pull, Ferguson wins high kick

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FAIRBANKS-This morning Christian Warrior of Wasilla and Brittany Woods-Orrison repeat as the men's and women's Indian Stick Pull champions to start the third day of the 2014 WEIO games.

But earlier this afternoon competitors put their ears to the test in the cringe worthy Ear Pull event. Mitsi Evans of Fairbanks and Michelle Strange faced off in the finals. Evans went through the bracket with one loss to Strange in the double elimination final on her way to repeating as Ear Pull Women's Champion.

"Seems like it didn't hurt as much last year but Michelle (Strange) definitely gave me a run for money this year, definitely," Evans said with a laugh.

In the men's bracket Linc Qimiq, a 12 year WEIO veteran from Fairbanks won his first ever ear pull event over Jeff Satterfield in the final. A nice moment for Linc and Satterfield tipped his hat or ear?

"Yeah he beat me earlier in the preliminaries and then in the final he beat me again so, but it's nice. It's nice to see anybody win whoever it is whether it's a competitor or a friend," Satterfield said.

Last night at the WEIO games one of the premiere events took place on the Carlson Center floor. The prelims in the men's blanket toss which is always a nice spectacle but the headline from last night was the Alaskan High kick finals.

For the men Elijah Cabinboy came in as the favorite having won last year and holding the current world record. But Casey Ferguson was just a little bit better. Ferguson won with a 94 inch kick which was got him a silver last year when Cabinboy kicked 95 inches.

Ferguson's 94 inch kick was good for gold last night as Cabinboy took second. Ferguson was just doing his job.

"Well I work at the Alaska Native Heritage Center so I get to kick out there four times a day five times a week. So you know a lot of credit goes to Alaska Native Heritage Center for employing me and I get to show my stuff throughout the day," Ferguson said."

In the women's division Autumn Ridley won back to back high kick titles. She kicked 82 inches on her third and final attempt. That was an inch better than her winning kick from last year.