WEIO Day Two day session recap

FAIRBANKS, AK-Today was another day session which featured two event finals and the conclusion of an event from yesterday.

Amber Vaska of Fairbanks repeats as the women's kneel jump champion. Today Apaay Cambell, the world record holder in the event jumped but couldn't surpass 55 inches to take the top spot. Vaska's 55 inch jump was inch shy of Campbell's world record.

Preliminaries for the Alaska High kick event were on hand today. The top four, five or six advance to tonight's final. Elijah Cabinboy holds the world record and has the last two titles. For the women it could be wide open with last year's top performers back like Erica Meckel and Autumn Ridley and Sharlane King.

It was a test of strength in the men's and women's Eskimo Stick Pull finals. Whoever could hold to the stick in this seated tug of war would win in the best out of 3 pulls.

Lathrop's Aizan Sullivan who came in second to her mother last year won it all today. The 16 year old got the best of her mom then she had to face her opponent twice in the double elimination format to win it.

On the men's side Chris Jerue, the defending champion gets another stick pull title this year going through Matthew Evans a former champ and Jerue finished with an 8-0 record.

Sullivan though said losing was actually good for her.

"Since I lost the first match going against her a second time gave me like, it kind of felt better. I was like I can do this and kind of learned from what I did last time to improve to win the second round," Sullivan said. "You know, I'm trying to do it for fun but winning it is just a benefit."

Jerue describes an athlete does in this event.

"You start out using your back, lower back and then once you start getting tight then you try to straighten your legs. Push with your legs, just lean back and pull as hard as you can," Jerue said. "It's exciting. I'm still shaking," Jerue laughed.