WEIO Day One night session recap

FAIRBANKS, AK-There were two event finals in the night session of the opening night of the 52nd World Eskimo-Indian Olympics. One of them was another title of redemption for Autum Ridley.

Earlier in the day Ridley won the toe kick championship with a 58 inch kick. Tonight Ridley won the one hand reach finishing in first with the same distance-a 58 inch reach suspended from the floor on one hand. Ridley came in second place in these two events last year and this year she comes away with titles in both events.

In the men's one hand reach finals it came down to Wasilla's Bernard Clark, Casey Ferguson of Anchorage and Dave Thomas out of Palmer. This was the same group of finalists from 2011. 2011 and 2013 would have the same result for these finalists.

Clark wins his third straight one hand reach championship with a 68 inch reach. Clark reached this same distance to win it in 2011. Ferguson was second with a 67 and Thomas third with a 66. Identical results from 2011.

The final and fun event of the night was the fishing cutting contest. Contests had to cut a salmon in half and make seven filey cuts as fast as they could. Miss Davida Hanson representing Unalakleet finished the fastest. She cut her salmon in 43 seconds which is the fastest time since 2010.