This weeks Military Report

Volunteers from the Alaska National Guard provide a no cost strength and conditioning program to Guardsmen and their families.

The 907 Cross Fit program builds strength and conditioning through constantly varied, high intensity functional movements. It's a work out designed to maximize your cardio and muscular endurance,

Lt. Colonel Joseph Lawendowski was hurt while training for the Iron Dog snowmachine race, and found Cross Fit during physical therepy.

The Colonel said "So after I got through recovery is when I discovered crossfit and I actually made it part of my physical therapy."

He said he fell in love with it, and decided they needed it in the guard.

He went and got certified as an instructor, then started the program in the guard.

The program is designed for any committed individual from marathon runners to power lifters.

Sgt. Jessica Campbell is involved in the program.

"And youre doing bench pressing, pushups, situps, your doing a set workout, a certain amount of reps, set amount of time it gets boring it getgs monotonous and a lot of times you don't have anyvbody that's willing to go with you. So with the cross fit program everyday the chances of you doing the same workout more than twice in  a whole year is very slim to none because theres so many different thousands of combinations of workouts so that your body is constantly changing adapting to the program."