Weekend Sports events to start August; Flint Hills Standings

FAIRBANKS-A few sporty events to get into for this hot weekend in Fairbanks.

For the soccer heads the next generation of Mia Hamm's and Lance Donovan's will be playing for the Kohl's American Cup Championship at the Fairbanks Youth Soccer Association Fields. The semifinals are tonight and the championship games start at 10 am tomorrow.

If you like the range then head out to Eielson Air Force base and try some skeet shooting at their skeet range starting at 10 am on Saturday. There's trap shooting too at the 6.5 mile mark on the Old Steese Highway at noon with the Boy Scouts Sporting Clays and the Fairbanks Trap Club.

For the runners and such at 9 am tomorrow is the Santa Claus Half Marathon at the Flint Hills Refinery in North Pole. This is the sixth race in the Flint Hills Cup Race series.

Speaking of the Flint Hills Cup let's take a look at the standings.

Maria Bray is leading the women with 336 points. Dorlin McWayne is 49 points back. Erika Van Flein is third with 203 points.

On the men's side the leader Devin McDowell has 34 point lead on Chris Eversman followed by Ted Alder with 244.

Now in the total time standings some flip flopping. For the ladies McWayne's three hours 55 minutes and 22 seconds is at least four minutes faster than Bray the points leader. Van Flein is third with 4:13:07.

McDowell is the overall leader in points and time with three hours, two minutes, and 49 seconds. Alder is 27 minutes back. Sancho Ponza is third in total time.

There are two races left. The Golden Heart Trail Run on August 24 and the finale, the Equinox Marathon, on Saturday September 21.