Weather changes

Well, the signs are beginning to appear, the Sandhill Cranes and the Canadian geese are flying over, the Fireweed is slowly tasseling out, and the tree leaves are turning a golden color.

Fall is right around the corner.

The folks at the National Weather Service are also noticing a change.

Today's weather satellite picture is indicating that the high pressure that was sitting over us for so long is moving.

Now the upper level winds will be blowing from the Northwest with cooler temperatures and some steady rain expected to begin later this evening accompanied by moderately cooler temperatures.




A spokesman from the Weather Service says this wet pattern will continue off and on into the weekend. John Lingaas with the National Weather Service says temperatures will definitely cool down.

"Well on Tuesday, temperatures may struggle to get above 60 at all in the greater Fairbanks area.

There could be a bit more warming following on Wednesday.

But you know another potential for a shot of rain exists on Thursday or Friday.

And actually a few days after that, like as we go into the late weekend, there may be a shot of rain possibly.

So we're going to be in a somewhat cool or should we say near normal temperature pattern now as we look out into the future."