Wear Red Today!!


As part of a nationwide push to raise heart disease awareness, February is American Heart Month, sponsored annually by the American Heart Association.
And the month kicks off with National Wear Red Day today.
Although heart disease strikes both men and women, heart disease is the number one killer of women..
There has been a long – standing impression that heart disease is a man's disease and does not affect women. This is patently untrue and has led to the failure of properly managing heart disease in half the population.
Armed with this knowledge, women can improve their lifestyle and take control of their risk of heart disease.
JO KUCHLE, EXEC. DIR. "GO RED" COMMITTEE told Newscenter 11 "There'll be places all over the country that will be bathed in red light to shine light on heart disease. And of course here in Fairbanks we have the "Go Red" luncheon on February 15th which starts out with a series of educational sessions in the morning and then culminates in a luncheon from 11 to 1."
All of us here at KTVF will be wearing our red today and tonight on the news to support the kickoff of American Heart month, and we hope you will also choose to wear red today and spread the word.