Volunteer Efforts at AWG

FAIRBANKS- The Arctic Winter Games brings together more than 2,000 athletes, coaches, officials, and performers, but without volunteers, much of the event would fall flat.  Laurie Robertson, a speed-skating judge volunteer, said it’s a great atmosphere and exciting. “ Well. (laughs) and a little hard,” she added, “But it’s been great.”

When you run into a volunteer at the arctic winter games, you're bound to see a smile. This special group of 2,500 ranges in all ages, from 10 years old, up into their 80s.  Volunteer Coordinator, Ashley Johnston says it’s amazing how helpful the volunteers are. “Not only are they signing up for more than 40 hours, but I’ve spoken to volunteers that say, I haven’t slept and I’m going to Lathrop to help security, and they’re so excited.” That excitement is contagious, and everywhere you go you can feel it, in part thanks to the fantastic volunteer crews.