Vietnam Veterans Day is March 29

Back in January we talked with Hank Bartos about an effort to get Vietnam veterans recognized.

Bartos and Joe Fields, both Vietnam veterans, serve on the governors veterans advisory council.

During the past legislative session, they were working with lawmakers on a number of veterans issues.

One of the proposals was to set a day aside to honor Vietnam veterans.

Bartos said "It's a resolution supporting welcome home Vietnam veterans. Now Joe fields and I are veterans, as are you Monte, and therefore we're going to have a celebration.  Steve Thompson has sponsored a bill to enable that to happen."

Anyone who served in Southeast Asia in the 60s or early 70s saw a whole different attitude about their service.

"We never received any welcome home benefits, no crowds, cheers, only your family was glad to see you", Bartos said.

The bill to set a Vietnam veterans day was  was signed into law by Governor Sean Parnell yesterday.

Bartos said "I'm humbled, because this was a long time coming."

Bartos was given a dog tag by the governor after the ceremony that reads "Welcome Home."