Victims Family Unhappy with Manslaughter Plea

 A 2012 Fairbanks homicide, and subsequent plea deal on reduced charges has family members of the victim speaking out, and criticizing the maximum 11 year prison sentence Rick Allen will receive next month.

Originally charged with Second Degree Murder, the 58–year old Allen, in late December, pleaded guilty to a Manslaughter charge.
Authorities say back in late June of last year, he fatally punched his girlfriend Ellen Rada ("ray–da") at a homeless camp.
Rada died of a brain hemorrhage just over a week after the attack.
Court documents say Allen admitted to the attack, and that he also threatened to kill Rada.
Corinne Beidermann, Rada's niece, called the plea deal (quote) "ridiculous."
She told Newscetner 11 "Yes, yes it was murder. Technicalities of the law say it was man slaughter and so in his first attack he did admit to saying he wanted to kill her and that was going to kill her and in the second attack that happened later in the day he again attacked her again and the coroner cannot connect the two. Where he did actually say he was going to kill her and the lesser charge is man slaughter. Very unfortunate."