Veterans Day observance

Veterans day is an official holiday which honors people who have served in armed service.

It was first created in 1918 when World War 1 formally ended at the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month.

Today at the Westmark Hotel, a celebration took place to honor all branches of the military.

City Mayors, along with representatives from Alaska's members of the U.S. Congress paid homage to those that had given their lives and those that have made sacrifices for the country.






All services were represented and the newscenter had a chance to talk with some veterans about what this special day means to them. David Dean a purple heart recipient said it is a very special day.

"It's the one day of the year when America turns out to honor those that have served our country in time of war.

And it's a time of year when we pay tribute to all of those that have served our country when they've been called upon."Marty Steury says the day has special meaning for her in Alaska.


"Veteran's Day runs really deep in me, I'm an eight and half year Army veteran.

I joined the Army to come to Alaska, and when I got here I found out I was home.


So I actually owe everything I've ever done in Fairbanks to the Army.                                                                                                             Benno Ceveland a dedicated veteran is humbled by the sacrifices today's soldiers make. "We have our nations men, what can we say blessed with many, many, people who stood up and joined who served to protect our nation and our way of life.

So it's our way of giving thanks back and showing our respect to them.