Veteran Climber Dave Johnston Recounts Experience

FAIRBANKS, Alaska- In May, we reported on the team from the Northern Warfare Center and their successful climb of Mt. Denali. They made it look easy, but the first winter ascent, a little more than 46 years ago was a near disaster.

Denali National Park will host Dave Johnston as part of their celebration of the first successful climb of Denali 100 years ago.

Johnson will talk about his mountain climbing experience, including the death– defying challenges he faced during the first winter ascent of Denali. They started their climb in February of 1967, one man died early in the trek and the rest of the team faced horrible conditions as they left the summit.

Public Affairs Officer for Denali Park, Kris Fister, says at that point in time, there weren't many people trying to climb denali, especially in the winter. Dave Johnston's presentation will be this Friday at 7 pm at the Denali National Park visitor center in the Karstens Theater.