Vernons sentenced, Cox is next.


A Salcha woman convicted of plotting to kill a federal judge and an Internal Revenue Service officer will spend 12 years in prison.
  Karen Vernon was sentenced Monday afternoon in U.S. District Court in Anchorage. Earlier in the day, her husband, Lonnie, received almost 26 years in prison on the same charge, along with conspiracy to kill public officials and amassing weapons.
  Lonnie Vernon was convicted of the other charges along with Alaska Peacekeepers Militia leader Schaeffer Cox, who will be sentenced Tuesday.
  The defense attorney argued for a five-year sentence for the 67-year-old Karen Vernon. They say she was influenced in the plot to kill officials by her husband, but otherwise hasn't even had a traffic ticket in her life. Prosecutors asked for more than 15 years.
The leader of an Alaska militia convicted of conspiring to murder federal officials is scheduled to be sentenced Tuesday.
  Schaeffer Cox was convicted in June of nine federal charges, including conspiracy to kill federal law enforcement officers and possession of illegal weapons. 
  Fairbanks attorney Nelson Traverso represented Cox at trial. But Traverso has since withdrawn because Cox was dissatisfied with his representation. Seattle attorney Peter Camiel now represents Cox.