Vandalism at fairgrounds

When workers arrived at the Tanana Valley Fairgrounds yesterday (Tuesday) morning, they were shocked to find that vandals had defaced a number of buildings.

The vandalism included profanity, racist remarks, and obscene drawings on several structures.

An antique tractor had red paint splashed all over the frame, and one building had the words "Sinister and I hate you" painted on its exterior.

One particular painting that has hung on the Agricultural building for more than 15 years was damaged beyond repair, with a red line scrawled across the length of the mural.

The artist Bill Howe says he was crushed when he saw the damage: "We had red paint stripes and purple paint stripes and of course the red pain stripes over this mural I did in 1999 which has been on the fairgrounds being used as a display for years and years for the fair during the Agricultural Hall there. So yeah it was kind of a bummer big time."