Utility company actively seeking former customers for refunds

FAIRBANKS, AK -- A local utilities company is trying to locate over 2600 former customers to issue overcharge refunds stemming rates from 2005 through 2009 that were not upheld by the Regulatory Commission of Alaska.

Fairbanks Sewer and Water, which owns both Golden Heart Utilities and College Utilities, settled with the state in early February, agreeing to refund $4.5 million dollars to existing and former customers.

Existing customers saw the refund in the form of a credit on their service accounts last month, while refund checks have been issued to those who no longer use their services.

Fairbanks Sewer and Water has proposed another rate increase and are awaiting determination from the RCA.

In the meantime, company spokesperson, Tiffany Van Horn said they are actively seeking customers who are owed money from last decade.

"It would be nice if people could look at our website and see if their name is on there, or they could look at the website and they might see a friend of theirs on there.  If they could call our front office at 479–3118, then our customer service representatives will ask them to just give some type of proof of identity," said Van Horn.