U.S. Army Alaska talks about the Stuart Creek 2 Wildfire states, "We want to get this right and we owe the public the right determination."

United States Army Alaska has been working in conjunction with Garrison and the Army National Guard to help control the Stuart Creek 2 Wildfire that is now over 80 thousand acres.

The latest on the fire is that it is 15 percent contained, which is an increase from late last evening.

Fingers have been pointed at USARAK for starting the fire with live artillery training done in the Yukon Training area during high fire conditions, which Garrison Commander Colonel Ronald Johnson confirmed at a public meeting.

The Newscenter spoke to USARAK Public Affairs about their investigation into the matter.

Maj. Alan Brown with United States Army Alaska stated, “"U.S. Army Alaska isn't able to make an official determination on what exactly caused the fire and our focus is still putting out the fire and making sure everyone can be moved safely to their homes and that the danger is over.”

Regarding the investigation the Army will conduct he also said, “Once the fire is out we're definitely going to conduct a very thorough review using all of the information we can gather to determine exactly what happened. There is a lot of information; it's going to take some time to review. We want to get this right and we owe the public the right determination. There are some growing indications that this indeed was related to artillery training at the Yukon training area, this is true, however, having not had the time to look at all of the information and review everything thoroughly, we can't make an official determination yet."

Also released late this afternoon according to Army Claims Office Information: "Anyone who believes they have suffered loss as a result of the Army's possible wrongdoing may submit a claim to the U.S. Army Alaska legal office via their mailing address or call 353-6155 for more information."