U.S. Army Alaska helping fight the Stuart Creek 2 Blaze

On the heels of the United States Army Alaska admitting they caused the Stuart Creek 2 Fire from live Artillery training, Interior Residents have been asking, what are they doing to help?

According to the USARAK public affairs and 1-52 Aviation Unit based out of Fort Wainwright, they have been flying non-stop in an attempt to help control the blaze.

Multiple aircraft including 2 Army Chinooks and 2 Army Blackhawks as well as National Guard Blackhawks have been flying dumping thousands of gallons of water into the flames.

In addition to the air support the Army has also provided ground equipment as well as forces to accompany the Bureau of Land Management in their efforts to control the now nearly 80 thousand acre fire.

According to CW2 Charles Robertson, a Chinook pilot with Bravo Company 1-52 Aviation, “We've been giving support 100 percent; we've been flying a lot of hours on aircraft and their crews. We take water buckets and load them externally on our aircraft and then we drop them into various dip sights where we can get water and fill them up and then take them to the fire line and then we are directed my BLM where they want the water and how to drop it and then we are just basically working with them and coordinating with them and working with all the other land management aircraft as well and the firefighters on the ground."