Updated: Senefelder out as UAF's women's basketball assistant coach

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FAIRBANKS-There has been a s swift transition in the Alaska women's basketball coaching staff. Today Amy Senefelder confirmed in an email to KTVF Sports that she will not be returning as the assistant coach next year.

Her contract will not be renewed after May 3rd. The decision brought down by head coach Cody Bench.

According to a source close to the athletic department there has been alleged misuse of athletic department funds for the women's basketball team's road trips by Bench. Also allegedly money was already spent in finding a new assistant without prior notice to Senefelder.

UAF spokeswoman Marmian Grimes refutes the allegations saying that no athletic funds were misused for road trips and no money has been spent on a new search for an assistant coach.

Athletic Director Dr. Gary Gray confirmed in an email that Senefelder will not be returning. He also stated the allegations are simply not true. Gray also said that no search has begun for a new assistant coach, the coaching vacancy hasn't been posted yet but the hope is to have the position filled by August. The position is a 10 month contract. Gray said the administration simply elected not to offer Senefelder another contract.

Senefelder did not comment on the details of her departure. She has been an assistant for the past three seasons. UAF finished 9-17 overall last year.

KTVFSports contacted Bench but she could not be reached for comment. We'll have more on this as the story develops.