Unusual weather creates problems for Denali National Park

Although this year's spring temperatures have been at record lows, Denali National Park is preparing to open its doors.

Some parts of the park opened today.

These include the entrance facilities and Denali Visitor Center which opened to the public.

Shuttles to bring visitors to the park are expected to begin next week and will provide access to the park as far as Toklat River.

Buses will begin running the full length of the road the first week of June if the weather cooperates.

This spring's temps have had an unusual effect on the park and its abilities to open all of its facilities on time.

According to Denali National Park Spokeswoman Kris Fister, “We're having some challenges getting running water to these facilities; we're just having trouble getting the lines thawed and charging the water to the various facilities.”

When asked when the Park could open in its entirety she stated, “We anticipate that we may have problems opening up some camp grounds that were scheduled to open up next week, such as the Savage River and Teklanika Campgrounds, we've instructed our reservations service to not take any new reservations for those areas."