Unprecedented change in Governors race

The 20-14 Gubernatorial election race got real interesting on this, the final day to make changes to the November 4th ballot. Incumbent Sean Parnell will run with Anchorage mayor Dan Sullivan on the republican ticket. In an unprecedented move, the Alaska Democratic Party’s central committee voted 89-to-2 to NOT field a candidate for the Governor’s office this election season.

The Democratic nominee following last month’s primary, Byron Mallot, renounced his run for governor, and will join forces with independent Gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker to form a unified ticket to run for the office.

Hollis French stepped down as the democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor, as did Craig Fleener, who was to be Walker’s running mate.

The Alaska Democratic Party agreed to fully support the fusion ticket of Walker/Mallot, provided Walker changes his party affiliation from Republican. Walker, a self described conservative, announced at a press conference in Anchorage today that he has "moved over to undeclared". He was joined at the press conference by Mallott. Both spoke of moving partisan beliefs aside for the benefit of Alaska.

Walker said “People before politics, people before partisanship. Put Alaska before partisanship, and that’s how we’re going to fix this state. We’re going to fix it with Alaskans working together, and we’re going to stop the fighting, we’re going to stop the divisiveness, and we’re going to fix Alaska on Alaska’s terms now. And we’re going to do it as a team, and I’m so honored to do that with my friend Byron Mallott."

Mallott said "“It is an unprecedented coming together of two campaigns to help build the Alaska of our future. I am honored to be where I stand today. I ask those who have supported me throughout this campaign, throughout this journey to continue to support me.”

(Story by reporter Jaime Schwartzwald)