United Way kickoff

One point five million, that is the goal for this year's United Way fundraising campaign.

The campaign kicked off today at the weekly meeting for members of the Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce.

Newly appointed co–chairs Joan Johnson and John Ringstad told the audience that the donations raised will be allocated to twenty agencies within the community.

These agencies must meet strict guidelines and prove exactly how they will improve lives.

The allocation process is handled by a volunteer agency who determine which agencies can provide a safety net of services for those in need.

Johnson says she cannot believe how important a role the agencies play in the community.

"John and I actually spent time visiting all twenty of the agencies, and in talking with some of the community members, we discovered that people view the executive directors for the agencies as our guardian angels.

And we actually found how much They do and give to our community.

From pre–birth to the seniors there's programs in our community that help out members through the 20 United Way Agencies, and we're really proud and honored to be a part of that."