United Way Campaign

If you have a fundraiser and your looking for a unique way to generate donations, why not take a couple of guys who are comedians and well known throughout the community to add excitement to your campaign
Glenner Anderson and Jerry Evans are this years co-chairs for the United Way campaign.
Anderson and Evans will take their experience with broadcasting and media to bring a fresh new approach to the task of raising more than 1million 452 thousand 907 dollars for this years goal.
The number represents a local 452 prefix while the 907 is the state's area code.
Anderson says the job as co-chairs is something they both are excited about."Yeah we were a little hesitant knowing that we had worked with so many of these community organizations over the years, it only made sense. I talked to Jerry and said, "hey I'm up for it if your up for it".
This is one of those things we have to do together, that's I think what did it, when they said "why don't you both be co-chairs?
Beautiful, we're in!"