United Way and 2-1-1 program

The 2–1–1 program is operated by the United Way of Anchorage, but it operates on behalf of all the United Ways in the state of Alaska.

What it is, is a resource for a call in at 2–1–1 or the website 2–1–1 dot Org.

It's a resource where folks can go if they have any needs. whether they be human services needs or other services that they require to maintain a healthy life style.

Unfortunately according to latest statistics, this program is seeing a steady increase of needs from low income to middle income levels.

Karen Lundquist Executive Director for the local United Way of the Tanana Valley says this program is becoming a necessity.

"The part that is I guess disturbing to all of us is, is that it is starting to creep up in the income level that some folks that maybe thought they had a comfortable income level, are now the folks are starting to realize that the economy is playing on finances a little bit.

And they're having to, they're in need."

If you would like more information on the 2–1–1– program contact you Fairbanks United Way at  452–7211