Unfortunate finish in last night's WNR race

Submitted 2 years 4 months ago by jcook.

FAIRBANKS-The Wednesday Night Race series is almost over. Last night was the last individual race and it was at a different venue. Goldstream Sports hosted the WNR with a 7K "Old School" themed race. 24 skiers took the wooded trail that was two laps around a 3.5K loop.

As far as last night's race the host of the race if you will Tyson Flaharty of Goldstream sports may have gotten some home course luck. Rising senior, Jonas Loffler, a UAF skier in his first ever WNR burned through the first K but didn't realize it was a two lap race and on top of that he lost a basket which made one his of his poles a dud.

Flaharty continued on and would win last night's WNR 22:30. Despite the delay Loffler still finished second in 23:18. Dave Edic was third in 23:33 and was the first of the master class. Alex Morris was fourth and Dash Feierabend was fifth. Heidi Rafar was 10th overall and the first women to finish in 29:40. Owen Hanley was the first super master to finish in 32:20.

Flaharty says his win no doubt benefitted from Loffler's unfortunate mishap on the trail. Loffler had on the burners.

"I was pretty happy that I was catching him and then it's like ok, ok, he's doing pretty well and then I saw he didn't have a basket and then I feel like I wasn't doing as well then," as Flaharty laughed.

"I thought it was one lap so like I went all out for the first lap then I lost my basket and I was like I'm just going to make it to the finish line," Loeffler said. "Everyone was yelling at me to go one more so I waited for a split pole but year that must've decided it I guess."

"It was pretty cool because there's not that many trails in Fairbanks that groomed narrow classic trails and to be able to come and actually race on these is pretty fun," Flaharty said.

Next week's race is at the North Forty Loop at Birch Hill for the 2-skier relay races and end of the year party.