UAF women's head coach and officials respond to allegations

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FAIRBANKS-UAF officials and women's basketball head coach Cody Bench respond to our story yesterday on the departure of women's assistant head coach Amy Senefelder and the recent allegations against the women's basketball program.

UAF athletic director Dr. Gary Gray and head coach Cody Bench refute and deny the allegations of the misuse of department funds for road trips during the women's basketball season and that money was already spent on a search for a new assistant coach. Dr. Gray holds that the allegations are inaccurate.

UAF spokeswomen Marmian Grimes indicated that in the instances where there were additional staff or person(s) on road trips for the women's basketball team that they paid their own way or they were supported by boosters. No money came from the athletic department or university to facilitate travel, lodging, etc.

In an email to KTVFSports from women's head coach Cody Bench she says, "I want to confirm that I will be looking for a new assistant coach. I discussed the decision with my Athletic Director and for the best interest of the program we decided to make a change. There has been no misuse of department funds for team travel."

Bench, going into her fifth season as head coach, is currently recruiting. UAF finished the 2013-2014 season 9-17 overall and 3-15 in the GNAC. The nine wins are the most since 2007.

Senefelder was an assistant for the last three seasons but was recently told that her contract will not be renewed after May 3rd.

Dr. Gray also said that the coaching vacancy hasn't been posted yet but they hope to fill the position by August.