UAF women's basketball team has next 3 games at home

FAIRBANKS-UAF's women's basketball team is back at the Patty and they prepare for a three game homestand this week.

Tomorrow they continue a tough schedule with first place Saint Martin's. The Saints are the best defensive team allowing only 54 points. They are 8-1 against D-2 teams and are on 6 game win streak.

On Saturday UAF hosts Western Oregon who has lost three of their last four. They are the lowest scoring team in the conference but Dana Goultare is legit with 18.2 points and 9.7 rebounds per. That's 3rd and 2nd in the GNAC.

But Nanooks head coach Cody Bench is getting contributions from freshman Victoria Milton and senior Ruth O' Neal. She wants theteam to focus on what they do despite their tough schedule.

"I think it's just a matter how mentally tought we are, ready to handle any kind of pressure we're going to face, you know what kind of adversity we're going to face during the game. I think that the preseason schedule and the games up to this point have really helped us develop into a maturer team," Bench said.

Freshman Jordan Wilson scored 26 points, one off of her career high in the loss to no. 17 Crusaders. O' Neal also scored 10. That performance could carry over into this home games.

"Jordan's been finishing very well. I think all of us have been finishing down low very well lately and it's been helping us out a lot-inside and out so it's been really good."

Milton says the key to these next three at home could be how well the Nanooks shoot the ball.

"We don't have the greatest stats in our shooting percentage but a lot this week we've working on tranistion shooting, stop and pops, pick and rolls, you know everything to help us get our rhythms back together, " Milton said.