UAF women's basketball finished second at North Star

FAIRBANKS-The Nanook women's basketball team is off to one of the best starts in years. On Saturday they found themselves in the North Star Invitational Title game against undefeated Wayne State.

The Nooks were close in the first half. Freshman Autumn Childers had her first double digit game with 15 points, 11 in the first half. Addy Roller of Wayne countered with 13 in the first half she finished with 19. The Nooks were only down 35-39 at the break.

But the Wildcats defense and Jordan Spencer took it another level. Spencer went scored 17 in the second half finishing with a game high 26 points. Wayne outrebounded UAF by 12. The Wildcats went on 30-11 run in the second half and won 82-64. Kaillee Skjold had 16 for UAF.

Spencer was named Tournament MVP as Kelly Logue and Benissa Bulaya were all-tournament picks.

"We just have a lot of good players on the inside and the outside you know when they squeezed down on us we kicked it out and our outside shooters were able to make plays and we were just able to keep our game going like that," Spencer said.
The Nanook players were encouraged from their tournament performance. It's the first time they've placed in a tourney in five years.

"I think that we're doing very well right now and I think that going for our first league game next week that I think we're ready and were ready to show everyone that we're here to play and we're here to win," Childers said.
"Preseason was a blast and we really put a lot of things together but it's game time now so we're really going to lean on our leaders and we're really going to keep pushing for em," Skjold.