UAF Volleyball prepares for this weekend's Nanook Classic

FAIRBANKS-The Alaska Nanooks are back in their own gym after a last week's rough opening games. But it can't be that rough when you're playing in Hawaii right? Well the volleyball team went 0-4 but found out what works and what doesn't.

They were back in the lab at practice this morning correcting things and making adjustments to their rotations as they prepare for this weekend's Flint Hills Resources Alaska Nanook Classic. UAF is hosting Colorado Christian out of the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference a team that won 23 games last year.

Two PAC West teams are in town. 12th Ranked Fresno Pacific and Humboldt State. Fresno Pacific went 15-1 in conference play a year ago and are the second ranked team the Nanooks will play this season. Humboldt State is led by first year head coach Kelly Wood who has a wealth of junior college experience.

Your Nanooks are looking forward to finally playing in front of their home crowd. They play Humboldt State tomorrow at 7 p.m. They want to show that they've grown as a team after their Hawaiian experience.

"We've done a couple things to change our lineup in terms of taking pressure off our outsides. Not necessarily giving them less opportunities but giving them the right opportunity. So that their attempts that they have that are 75 percent of our attempts they're more quality attempts instead of just shooting the ball outside." Larranaga added,"We've made a big change there. It's really flowing nicely in the last few days of practice so I feel really good about it."

Nanooks co-captain Tessa Butterfield is ready for her and the rest of the Nanooks to in the Patty Center in a game that counts for the first time this season.

"We have a lot of fans coming and good teams here to give us competition so we play at our level. The better the teams the better you play. So I think it's going to be really fun. It's going to be exciting finally playing in our gym and having everyone around," Butterfield said.