UAF to Shutter Popular Recycling Center


FAIRBANKS, Ak - The days are numbered for a popular recycling program on the campus of the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Chancellor Brian Rogers has sent a letter to the Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor's office informing them they will remove the recycling containers from the Taku Parking lot June 1, 2013.

The letter states that 90 % of all materials deposited come from the Fairbanks community and not the campus.

Nearly 785 tons of materials were removed in 2012 at a cost to the University of $130,345.

Rogers states UAF cannot continue to divert resources from the core educational mission of the University.

University officials says they have approached the Borough multiple times to help find a community solution, but nothing has been generated.

"Drive by on a Sunday night or a Monday morning, you'll see how full they (canisters) are, really we have been a proof of concept that the community wants and is willing to use a recycle program, we just don't want it to be UAF carrying the ball," said executive officer, Bob Shefchik.  "We'll go back to looking at recycling on campus for our own campus needs until something else comes up."