UAF Presentation on Muscles

FAIRBANKS- As we mentioned yesterday, UAF Biology Professor, Robert Coker, has developed an exciting protein formula, which can protect muscles during weight loss.  “For an older person that is a little overweight, normally you wouldn’t want to try to lose weight because you would also lose muscle with that weight loss program,” Coker says. Coker and his colleagues have developed a meal replacement formulation to help the elderly lose weight and maintain their muscle at the same time. “Essential Blend” is their Alaskan-based company that will market these meal replacement formulas in the coming years. Coker says the formula gives a little boost, “to preserve their muscles, lose a little bit of weight, become more physically active and provide them with a better and higher quality of life.”

He will talk about the formula and his research at Schaible Auditorium, Wednesday night at 5:30 p.m., at UAF.