UAF Controversy

A decision by an instructor in two UAF Community and Technical College classes this year, has resulted in a potential serious situation for the University.Students in Clinical Procedures classes, were subjected to injections of a substance that was not authorized.

The injections might have involved as many 30 students.

The instructor directed her students to use a solution that the manufacturer of the product explicitly stated was not to be used on human subjects.

The injections have resulted in some students having medical reactions.




The University has expressed serious regret and is now launching a massive investigation.UAF Chancellor Brian Rogers says there are a lot of questions to be answered.""We've met with the students from both the Fall and Spring semesters, trying to answer their questions. And second for the students this semester, how do we address their academic progress?

Those are the things we are doing right away. And those are the things that are most important.

Over the longer term then, we need to find out how did this happen?

Why did it not get reported up the chain?

How did we purchase the materials?

What changes do we need to make in our curriculum?

And how do we avoid this ever happening again?"