UA President visits Fairbanks

After weeks of controversy surrounding a bonus of over $300,000, the President of the University of Alaska gave his response today.

Pat Gamble was the guest speaker at the weekly Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

President Gamble told the audience that the universities across Alaska were showing a decrease in attendance, and that his main goal would be to work hard to establish the highest reputation for the universities.

The President made it a point to clarify his position on recommendation by the regents to give him such a lofty bonus.

Gamble told us, "So I've been around the flagpole a few times and can sense the mood depending on what's going on. And right now it's very flattering to think that in their eyes that I've done a really good job. But timing wise it didn't appear that way to the public, and so I think that we need to listen to the public and pay attention. And so I believe that is what the board is going to do too."