Two Fairbanks families to be honored by aviation community

FAIRBANKS, AK -- Friday night at the Princess hotel two Fairbanks families associated with the airline history and business in the interior will be recognized in a hall of fame banquet. Jim and Dottie Magoffin (Muh-Goff-In) will be recognized with the Explorer and Pathway Award for their founding of Interior Airways, which eventually would become Mark Air.

Cliff Everts will receive the Aviation Entrepreneur Award for his contributions to the Alaska airline industry and his development of Everts Cargo Express which is still operating successfully today.

Pete Haggland from the Air Museum at Pioneer Park says these folks deserve their awards.

'Well the history that they participated in, the Magoffins formed Interior Airways years and years ago, and contributed greatly," said Haggland. "And Cliffy came up from I think New York if I'm not mistaken, and started into the aviation business, and was leasing some planes to Wien, and then his evolved into Everts Air Cargo and Everts Express.

"It's very appropriate that they're being honored.. it's just a wonderful thing to see it happen."