Two costumers win 31st Midnight Sun Run

FAIRBANKS, AK-A tree was standing tall and a bird perched itself amongst its branches to make a nest. That may read like a National Geographic narration but that pretty much describes the Midnight Sun Run winners.

Dylan Anthony came in first for men's division at 32 minutes and 8 seconds in a tree costumes. Katie Krehilk dressed as a bird, was first for ladies in 39 minutes 14 seconds. Both of them are UAA cross country teammates and could very well be the first costumers to win 10k Midnight Race.

Jake Moe (2nd-33:15.5), David McKay (3rd-33:32.4), Chris Eversman (4th-33:49.0) and Mike Kramer (5th-34:35.4) rounded out the top five men finishers.

Bekah Kirty was second in the women's division finishing in 40 minutes and four seconds followed by UAF's Theresia Schnurr (3rd-40:29.0). Bethia Nussbaumer (4th-41:15.1) and Melanie Nussbaumer (5th-41:44.9) complete the top five women.

The Midnight Sun Run had over 3,800 people register. Canada, Sweden and Germany were represented along with people from 34 different states.