TVSA celebrates 75th anniversary

In 1936, the council chambers of the city of Fairbanks, unanimously approved the founding of the Tanana Valley Sportsmen's Association. A building was constructed to house the association and its members.

Unfortunately, in March of 2007 a devastating fire leveled the building and all of its contents.

In 2010 a new building was constructed and since then the members have seen two firing ranges constructed along with some other additions.

TVSA is celebrating 75 years of history and involvement in many conservation resolutions, along with a continuing fire arms education program.

Future plans call for more of the same and continued involvement in game law legislation.

Grant Lewis is a longtime member of TVSA and he says there is a lot planned for the future.

“Well the future as I see it, is continuing education of the youth as well as the adults in the community in firearm safety and firearms handling.

We get involved some of the time in some of the conservation issues, in predator control, lake stocking with some of the fisheries, the new hatchery that they opened and stuff.

Provide comments on things like that."