TVC expands

Tanana Valley Clinic is excited to host a community open house for their newly remodeled and renovated second floor, which will house their expanding Family Medicine department. This renovation was funded by the Greater Fairbanks Community Hospital Foundation.

The new second floor features expanded space to accommodate 15 new and established providers by mid-2014. The number of exam and procedure rooms has increased, and all clinical rooms will have state-of-the-art equipment and computers.

Keri Roach, Public Relations Director, says the new renovation will be a positive for the clinic.

"The purpose of this renovation was to really increase space for our family medicine department," says Roach.  "We were packed to the gills, spread onto two different floors, and this renovation and remodel has allowed us to expand from 21 exam rooms to 33. It really has given us the opportunity to bring on more providers to our community to help to satisfy the need that we have for primary medical care here in town."

One of the physicians at the clinic, Corinne Leistikow, says the clinic will fill needed positions for future patients.

"There's been a little increase in the population of Fairbanks in the time that I've been here, but more importantly a lot of internists have left town. So a lot of those patients need a provider, and so family practice is the way to go so we in family medicine are taking up that slack."

The open house is scheduled for Tuesday from 5–7pm in the clinic, located on Noble Street.