Trucking gas

Bringing a gas line or trucking gas to Fairbanks from the North Slope has been in the news constantly, with LITTLE progress toward a solution.

A think tank group, made up of prominent businessmen was formed to address the need for natural gas in the interior.

The Lowell Purcell Citizen's Group has been meeting and developing a plan to construct a plant on the North Slope to transfer to waiting trucks for delivery to the interior.

The most intriguing aspect of this group's plan is it will be implemented within a two year period.

Wally Cox a member of the Lowell Purcell Citizen's Group says the group's effort could be valuable to the community.

"Trucking is been happening now and can get gas here immediately.

The conditioning plant and the financing of the conditioning plant is the first step that need to be taken.

And after that in two years the city will be served".