Troopers sue over union dues in Alaska


Five Alaska State Troopers are suing over the way union dues are collected.
According to a federal lawsuit, even though the five are non–union members, they still pay dues.
The lawsuit states that employees who do not opt–out of the current system wind up paying full dues, including those that go toward political purposes.
The lawsuit says employees must opt out annually, and the process is skewed in favor of the union, not the worker.
The defendants are the Public Safety Employees Association; the commissioners of the state departments of public safety and administration, and the director of the state division of personnel and labor relations.
A spokeswoman for the state Department of Law said the department had not received a copy of the complaint and could not immediately comment.


Ungrateful Whiney Police Officers

What?  With the salaries those guys are making they still choose to whine about having to be responsible enough to annully fill out the form to opt out from being  union member even though the union has bargained them into huge paychecks and ridiculously huge benefit packages.  Give us break and do some work instead of bandstanding.And I don't want to hear the blathering about putting their lives at risks while e serving the public.  They are #11 on the list of professions with the highest risks of being killed while on duty.  And that is not even considering the police officers numbers for  dieing in the line of duty are grossly inflated by the fact that all deaths by police officers at any time are considered line of duty unless they are commiting a felony when they die or are killed.  Even suicide for a police officer is considered a linre of duty death.  Their job is far from being on the top of the list for having the most stressful job.  They did not even make it into the top ten.Taxi cab drivers, semi truck drivers, farm workers and construction labors all are more apt to bbe killed at work then police officers.  Police officers are just not worth the pay or public support that they deserve.  They are under trained pampered and almost totally lacking in any worth while skills.  There is not a person in the military that does not have as good or better fire arms skills than the average police officers, yey police are constaly killing innocent unramed citizens without facing the traials that our military members face if they are accused of murdering a civilian.Let them whine at home not in the courst or thru the public media.  Do they expect to be followed around and harrassed evey year to make sure they sign the forms to opt out.  Let them pay as they are receiving the same pay and benefits as those who are paying union dues.  I do not hear them saying they do not want the benefits and pay thet receiving because of the collective baragin done for them by the unions. Pampered babies.