Troopers praise Good Samaritans

State Troopers in Fairbanks are praising good samaritans who helped an injured woman at the scene of an accident February 25.

54 year old Evangeline Maxon was hurt when the vehicle she was driving rolled twice and came to rest in the snowbank on the on ramp from Airport way to the Mitchell Expressway.

Two passers-by stopped to render aid to Maxon, who lay injured beside the road.

35 year old Naoki Kukuu of Fairbanks, stopped and covered Maxon with his own sleeping bag as she lay in the snow.

22 year old Ishmael Agae of Fairbanks, lay underneath Maxon in the snow and supported her neck until emergency responders arrived on scene. Agae continued to provide support to Maxon as responders assessed her, despite laying in the snow in sub-zero temperatures in only a short sleeved shirt.

Troopers say the assistance rendered by Kukuu and Agae directly contributed to Maxon's well-being and safety.

She was transported to the hospital with non life threatening injuries.