Trial delayed for a resident the Tanana Tribal Council seeks to ban

FAIRBANKS- Trial for one of the men the village of Tanana is seeking to ban has been delayed.

61-year-old William Walsh has been linked to Arvin Kangas, the father of the man who allegedly shot and killed two Alaska State Troopers.

Walsh is facing multiple charges including assault and harassment.

Today in court, a change of venue was made moving the trial to Nenana, something to which Walsh's defender objected.

Walsh has been linked to the group known as the "Athabascan Nation," a group known to reject authority of both state and tribal government.

This is the same group that Arvin Kangas was said to be a part of in the village, intimidating and threatening multiple residents.

Supporters of Walsh spoke out about his role in the double trooper homicide this afternoon in court.

Long-time friend Frank Turney said, "I've known Bill Walsh for about 15-years. He just wanted me to make aware to the public that he did not partake of inflame anyone in the shooting of the two state troopers."

Turney continued, "His issue has to do with Tribal Sovereignty issues and land. He believes the village just used that as an excuse, the shooting of the two troopers to ban him from Tanana."

Trial for Walsh's case was moved to September.