Treadwell visits Arctic Winter Games

Early this morning Arctic Winter Games participants and media received a message from Alaska's Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell.

Treadwell spoke this morning in front of media spokespeople for the games welcoming them to the Interior's largest city.

One topic he touched on was the "Choose Respect" campaign and the pins that many of the Team Alaska members can be seen wearing.

He said the pins help to bring attention to a rising problem in our state and hopes to pull the curtain back on the issue, "Alaska wants to lead many things, but we don't want to lead in the high level of domestic violence, sexual assault, and suicide. And one of the ways we are trying to deal with this issue is the "choose respect" movement. On March 27th there will be rally's all over the state again to help pull back the curtain on this and to talk about it.”

Treadwell also congratulated Team Alaska on their achievements and said he looks forward to coming back to the Interior to close out the ceremonies.