Transit of Venus

Tuesday beginning at 2pm and lasting until 9pm, Fairbanks will be one of ten positions worldwide witness to an astronomical event. It's called the transit of Venus and it only occurs every 125 years when the planet Venus passes in front of the sun.

The event is so unique that NASA has stationed a team to record and transmit the phenomenon worldwide on the internet.

The Noel Wien library will host the group in the Weeks field area tomorrow along with local astronomy clubs setting up telescopes for the public and other fun things for the kids.

Becky Jaramillo with the National Institute of Aerospace says this will be fun for kids and their parents. "...for everybody who comes to the library tomorrow to visit us, we have these wonderful glasses for you to be able look at. So you can put these on and you can safely look right up at the sun. You should never look at the sun without safety protection on, and these glasses are designed specifically for solar viewing."

If you would like more information on the event or would like to see it streaming live over the internet, go to