Three days to the Fair

The countdown continues for the opening of the Tanana Valley Fair this Friday.

All this week the fairgrounds have been a hub of buildings being constructed, grass being cut, and a carnival midway taking shape.

One of the most popular reasons that many people come to the fair, is to sample all of the varieties of food that are available.

This year the fair will have several new choices that have not been seen in the past.

As the theme of this year's fair is the age of Asparagus, one local ice cream producer has come up with an unusual blend.

Tanana Valley General Manager Randi Carnahan says folks might be surprised with this interesting recipe, along with a couple of other unique food booths.

"We do have some new, you know we always try to have a little bit of new food every year.

Hot Licks has made us an "Age of Asparagus" ice cream that will be available for sale out here that is Asparagus ice cream.

It's not bad it's actually pretty good.

Alligator tail on a stick, will be making it's first appearance out here.

And we will have African Street Food out here for the first time, s we're pretty excited about that.".

Tomorrow night we'll continue with more updates on this year’s Tanana Valley Fair including new events which are planned.