Therriault shares Parnell's natural gas plans


The Deputy Director of the Alaska Energy Authority spoke to an all–volunteer energy group Monday and hinted at what Governor Sean Parnell may have in store for natural gas.
Gene Therriault addressed membership of the Lowell Group at their weekly meeting and stated the governor is likely considering state ownership of a gas liquefaction plant on the North Slope.
The idea would be to own an "open access" plant that processes natural gas from multiple producers and, in turn, sell LNG to a wide group of buyers.
Recently, Flint Hills Resources announced they would not be pursuing a gas plan, nor investing into building a plant, leaving Golden Valley Electric Association and Fairbanks Natural Gas still considering alternate gas trucking plans.
At the meeting, Therriault said it would be inappropriate for the state to finance a plant that would ultimately be owned by a private entity.
Yesterday, Fairbanks Economic and Development Corporation president and CEO, Jim Dodson, said "The Governor is very concerned, not only of the cost of energy in Fairbanks, but the cost of energy statewide, including rural Alaska, and he wants to see an opportunity for that plant to be utilized in rural Alaska when it's no longer needed in Interior Alaska."