"Thanks Fairbanks" provides free cards of gratitude yearlong


‘Tis the season for giving Thanks and there has certainly been many outlets for it especially during November, the month of the holiday known for it. However, one business in Fairbanks, Dateline Digital Printing, has been working diligently throughout the year to provide an outlet of thanks for Interior Residents.

The name of the program is “Thanks Fairbanks” and it was started by Geoff Welch, of Dateline Digital Printing.
Welch says, “Thanks Fairbanks is a community driven project that we developed at Dateline in order to spread a culture of gratitude in Fairbanks. I realized that I wasn't very good at expressing my gratitude and I wanted to be better at that and this project is a little bit of an offshoot of that; my personal desire to be a little bit better of expressing gratitude."

Welch says he feels it is good for the community members to practice giving thanks and gratitude all year, “I think it's good for a community when the people of the community are expressing gratitude and are expressing that as a core value. And we have gotten cards back from customers that have been appreciative of the project and we've heard stories from different people of how it affected their kids."

What kinds of people and businesses utilize the program "Thanks Fairbanks?" Welch says you'd be surprised at the numbers... they are growing.

The program has given out over 6 thousand cards and after this next distribution will be close to 8 thousand.

If you have people you would like to send thank you cards to, You can sign up for the FREE service at Dateline or online and receive cards in the mail or for pickup to use yourself... In the meantime, Geoff Welch says he's happy spreading the message of Thanks anyway he can, “If we can sort of be just that starting point where they can say, "Oh I've got one downstairs!" I think that is a really cool thing to do."