Tesoro drops Arctic Man sponsorship

FAIRBANKS-Unfortunate news today for the Arctic Man. It was confirmed that Tesoro will not be sponsoring this year's Arctic Man. This ends a 20 year relationship as the major sponsor for the event.

Race director Howard Thies was informed in early January. He has to fill $25,000 in a hurry. The 29th Arctic Man is still on for April 11. The decision to no longer be the major sponsor was made by headquarters in Texas. Thies did not ask why the decision was made when he was notified and went on the search for sponsors.
Over 13,000 people were on hand for last year's Arctic Man. The purse in 2013 with 55 teams was $105,000. This year the purse is slated to be $112,00 with 60 teams.
Thies said in a phone interview that he's gathered a number of sponsorships to fill the void Tesoro left and expects to announce a new major sponsor in the next 1-2 weeks.