Team Alaska leads medal count at conclusin of AWG

FAIRBANKS-Well all last week the Interior was just flooding with great athletes from across the world for the Arctic Winter Games. The last time AWG was in Fairbanks was in 1988.

Over 2000 athletes from nine different contingents of the circumpolar North competed in 20 different sports and various events.

At the end of these games Alaska was dominant with 190 total ulus. Alaska earned the most gold ulus with 67. They also got the most bronze ulus with 68.

Yamal, the Russian team, was second with 134 total ulus. The Russians led in silver ulus with 58.

Alberta North was the third highest in the ulu count with 125.

Alaska swept Ice Hockey with golds in Bantam Male, Midgets and junior female hockey. The girls ball team also won gold.

Some of the more decorated Alaskan athletes were from the Arctic or native sports. Madeline Ko, of West Valley and coached by Ericka Mekel, won three golds and silver and was named all-around junior female.

Andrew Christopher won three golds for the Alaskan men and Grace Lee, a figure skater from North Pole, won three golds and a silver.

Congrats to all the athletes on a great week of competition.