Team of 9 from the Army's Northern Warfare Training Center summits Mt. McKinley

Late last month a group of nine from the Army's Northern Warfare Training Center were dropped off at Base Camp on Mt. McKinley in order to attempt a Summit.

The teams consisted of mainly Non-Commissioned Officers (enlisted personnel) and one previous soldier, now civilian.

Extensive training had been done in order to prepare the team for the nearly 3 week trip to the summit of 20, 200ft.

As of 8:03pm Saturday, the NWTC team made it to the top, becoming the first team from U.S. Army Alaska and NWTC in over a decade to do so.

The team is expected back to Fort Wainwright this week and, according to the Facebook Page of the NWTC, will be greeted with pizza.

The Newscenter has covered their climb from the beginning and will have more on this story when the team returns.