Tanana Valley State Fair Mud Bog results

FAIRBANKS-The fair maybe over but there was an event of note that culimanted at the Tanana Valley State Fair. The Mud Bogs state championships. My first time out there and they were tearing it up during the ATV and snowmachine mud drag races.

Jason Pugh won the four by four class on his Polaris. Pugh won by nine seconds after four rounds including a sub 10 second run in the final round.

Matt Perry was the Snow Machines winner edging runner up Allan Heineken by a second and half after total time in four rounds. Perry's best drag through the mud was his first finishing in 3.81 seconds on his Arctic Cat. He went 3.9 seconds in the third round as well for fastest times of any vehicle on Sunday.

The kids got in on the action as well in the two wheel drive ATV class. Cheyanne Gonzales just seven years old was a bit faster than Shawn Jenkins, who is 11, in four rounds. They got stuck a few times but Gonzales was able to get through the sludge in under 30 seconds on her second run.

Here are your state champion truck winners. Charlotte Perry, in a 1981 Toyota called "Reptar", won by just four hundredths of second to win class one over Mike Coon.

Adam McNabb, also driving a Toyota called the "Clown Killer", is your class two champ. Kad Kockrine wins with the "Ol' Truck", a Chevy, with the best out of two runs and won by three quarters of a second in class three.

Mark Lindemann in his Chevy called the "Devils Daughter" won the class four title by 11 seconds.